May 13, 2012
Between Monterrey and Reynosa, Nuevo León, Mexico
49 decapitated, mutilated bodies are found dumped on Mexican Federal Highway 40

The victims, 43 men and 6 women, were tortured, decapitated, had their hands and feet removed, and were stuffed in plastic bags. There were signs of decomposition, and were likely dead for some time before being dumped.

Investigators suspected the massacre was a result of drug cartel rivalries and/or retaliation. The victims, difficult to identify due to the removal of their heads, feet, and hands, have yet to be identified making the motive for their deaths difficult to pinpoint. There were no abductions or missing persons cases in the area, leading some authorities to believe the victims were migrating to the United States, but this has not been proven at this time.

Daniel “El Loco” Elizondo was allegedly charged with carrying out the massacre, ordered to dump the bodies in the public square of Cadereyta to “cause confusion” among the local authorities and citizens. El Loco, however, for unknown reasons, chose to dump the bodies on the Highway instead.

I could find no further information reported after May 2012.

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