Female Killers · Illinois

Mother suffocates autistic toddler

May 13, 2006 Morton, Illinois Karen McCarron suffocates her 3-year-old autistic daughter, Katie, allegedly because raising the toddler was too stressful The day of the murder, McCarron took Katie in her car to "calm her down" though McCarron's mother noted Katie didn't seem to need to be calmed. She took Katie to her parents' house… Continue reading Mother suffocates autistic toddler

Massacres/Mass Murder · Mexico

49 headless, mutilated bodies found dumped on highway

May 13, 2012 Between Monterrey and Reynosa, Nuevo León, Mexico 49 decapitated, mutilated bodies are found dumped on Mexican Federal Highway 40 The victims, 43 men and 6 women, were tortured, decapitated, had their hands and feet removed, and were stuffed in plastic bags. There were signs of decomposition, and were likely dead for some… Continue reading 49 headless, mutilated bodies found dumped on highway

Illinois · Newspaper clippings

Man kills wife, 5 children, self

May 13, 1961 Lockport, Illinois Charles Pitelka beats his family to death before committing suicide in the family’s garage The victims of the massacre were his wife Vivian (33) and their children Charlene (10), Edward (8), John (6), Thomas (3), and Francine (10 months). Each received a single blow from a blunt instrument, later revealed… Continue reading Man kills wife, 5 children, self

California · Crime Scene Photography

Man killed by wife after beating her

May 13, 1942 Los Angeles, California Earl Blaisure is killed by his wife Molly (inaccurately described here as his girlfriend) after beating her with the barrel of a rifle when it failed to fire Earl Blaisure (24), a stove factory worker, had been know for beating his wife, Molly Blaisure (24), who stabbed her husband… Continue reading Man killed by wife after beating her