Famous Last Words
Michael McBride
May 11, 2000

“God bless all of you.”
(When the drugs began taking effect:)
“Pretty cool, I feel it in the back of my throat. Bye.”

McBride, 38 at the time of the murders, shot and killed his 18-year-old ex-girlfriend and her 18-year-old male acquaintance on October 18, 1985. He and his former girlfriend, Christian Fisher, had dated for 11 months before she terminated the relationship.

On the day of the murders, Fisher was lured to McBride’s home with the promise that he would give her a painting to cover the amount of money he owed her. Fisher brought 3 companions, including victim James Holzer, because she felt threaten by McBride. Her other two companions, Cody Minnick and Karen Tidwell, followed in a separate car.

When Fisher arrived and knocked at McBride’s door, no one answered. As she turned to leave, McBride approached her with a .30 caliber M-1 carbine rifle, first pointing the gun at Minnick and Tidwell who were parked several car lengths from McBride’s house. McBride also smashed one of Minnick’s windows. During the altercation, Fisher yelled “you won’t do it” directly before she was shot 10 times in the face, chest, abdomen, and thigh.

McBride then shot Holzer in the driver’s seat through the windshield, walked to the side of the car, smashed the window, and fired more, at one point physically placing the rifle against Holzer’s head. Holzer was shot a total of 9 times.

After murdering the teens, McBride placed the rifle under his chin and shot himself. The bullet traveled through his mouth and exited his forehead. He not only survived but was still conscious when emergency personnel arrived at the scene, and was reportedly reaching for the gun as police arrived. McBride also verbally berated EMTs initially, though once at the hospital he calmed down and cooperated with nurses, and even went as far as to tell one male nurse “if you ever need any pointers or information on how to handle your women, just let me know.”

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