Famous Last Words
John Wayne Gacy
Crest Hill, Illinois
May 10, 1994

“Kiss my ass.”

Gacy was one of America’s most prolific serial killers, convicted of killing 33 teenager boys and young men. In total, 29 bodies were discovered on his property (most notoriously, several were discovered in his crawl space covered in lime) and 4 others in a nearby river.

Gacy was known in his community for charitable acts as well as dressing up as Pogo the clown for various functions. However, in his secret life he would entice young men and teenagers to his home with the promise of sex or employment, then strangle them and dispose of their bodies on his property or nearby. He was placed under surveillance after a 15-year-old went missing from his workplace for which Gacy had recently performed renovations, and investigators discovered 2 of Gacy’s teenaged employees had also disappeared. After obtaining a search warrant police found 3 lime-covered bodies in Gacy’s crawl space, leading to his arrest as well as the discovery of the other bodies with Gacy’s help.

Gacy was executed by lethal injection and declared dead at 12:58am May 10, 1994. Shortly after, his brain was removed and given to Dr. Helen Morrison, a forensic psychiatrist who interviews and studies serial killers and other violent sociopaths. Giving possession of Gacy’s brain to Dr. Morrison was reportedly designated by Gacy himself. Slices of various organs were removed as well, and the rest of his body was cremated.

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