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FLW: John Wayne Gacy

Famous Last Words John Wayne Gacy Crest Hill, Illinois May 10, 1994 "Kiss my ass." Gacy was one of America's most prolific serial killers, convicted of killing 33 teenager boys and young men. In total, 29 bodies were discovered on his property (most notoriously, several were discovered in his crawl space covered in lime) and… Continue reading FLW: John Wayne Gacy

New York

Riot erupts over choice of actors in play (1849)

May 10, 1849 Manhattan, New York A riot breaks out over which actor should play Macbeth at the Aster Opera House, leaving 25 dead Troubles began prior to the riot as audience members fiercely aligned themselves with one of two actors to play the titular role in Macbeth. William Charles Macready was a British actor… Continue reading Riot erupts over choice of actors in play (1849)