May 9, 1996
Bandon, Oregon
Girley Crum, Jr. murders 5 members of his ex-girlfriend’s family including 2 small children

Crum, who had an extensive violent criminal past, had recently been released from jail following a 21-day term for parole violation. Three days after his release, he slashed the throats of Ray and Kelly Jacobs, their children Jessica (5) and Christopher (16 months), and Kelly’s brother Roger Glazebrook. He was arrested 2 hours later in the woods.

At his arraignment, Crum claimed to not know what happened. As the victims were related to Crum’s ex-girlfriend, it’s suspected the murders were somehow in revenge, though no solid motive has been presented. The jury took 5 hours to find Crum guilty of 5 counts of aggregated murder. He was sentenced to life in prison.

According to Reigns of Grace Ministries on Facebook, Crum has found God in prison and is reported to have said, “I need something, I need to be baptized, but I want you to show me how this ‘Born Again’ thing clears my sins.”

Clipping: The Chicago Tribune, May 10, 1996

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