May 3, 1967
Chicago, Illinois
18-year-old Michael Pisarski shoots ex-girlfriend Christine Mitchell (17) after a recent breakup

According to Pisarski, he shot Mitchell in the head because he “loved her” and was distraught over their recent breakup. The two had dated for two and a half years. Mitchell’s family forbade Pisarski from making contact with her, so he went to West Leyden High School to talk with her. When she turned away from him, Pisarski shot her in the temple.

He also shot assistant principal Sidney Gerenstein in the leg as Gerenstein attempted to run after Pisarski as he fled. An unnamed student “brought Pisarski down with a flying tackle,” according to the Philadelphia Daily News. Once in police custody, Pisarski freely admitted his guilt and requested no lawyer for his trial.

Mitchell died during surgery four days after the incident as surgeons attempted to remove the bullet from her brain.

Pisarski was found guilty of Mitchell’s murder and the aggregated battery against Gerenstein. He was sentenced to 35-60 years in prison for the murder and 4-5 years, to be served concurrently, for the aggravated battery.

Clipping: Philadelphia Daily News (Philadelphia PA) May 4 1967

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