May 1, 2013
Lucasville, Ohio
Steven T. Smith is executed for raping his girlfriend’s 6-month-old baby, Autumn Breeze Carter, to death

Autumn’s mother awoke to an extremely drunk, naked Smith placing the Autumn’s naked body in bed. Her sleeper was found under the coffee table, clumps of her hair was found on top of the table, shreds of her diaper were strewn across the room, and the rest of her diaper was found in the trash.

Paramedics were called immediately by her frantic mother, who screamed Smith had killed her baby. The paramedics attempted CPR, but the baby was too far gone. It was estimated she was smothered about five to ten minutes into the attack, which may have lasted up to half an hour.

The Ohio Supreme Court wrote about the attack “We find nothing in the nature and circumstances of the offense to be mitigating. For ten to thirty minutes, Smith brutally raped and murdered Autumn Carter while her mother was asleep in the apartment. The violent nature of the attack was demonstrated by the fact that Autumn’s hair was ripped out, her vagina and anus were seriously damaged, she was suffocated by the weight of Smith on her small body, and she suffered subarachnoid and retinal hemorrhages. This crime is nothing less than a horrific, senseless murder committed against a small, defenseless, six-month-old baby.”

Smith, whose blood alcohol content was .123 eight hours after the attack, denied his role in the brutal attack, claiming he wasn’t “sick like that.” It was 14 years later, just months before his execution, that he finally admitted to the horrific act which his attorney tried to downplay as “a horrible accident.”

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