April 29, 2003
Christopher Swift stabs and strangles his pregnant wife, drives to his mother-in-law’s house to strangle her, then abandons his 5-year-old son at a motel

Police learned of the murders after employees at a motel called to report an abandoned boy playing unsupervised in their lobby. The boy told police his father had killed his mother and grandmother before leaving him at the motel. By tracing Swift’s debit card, the police were able to apprehend him at a different motel.

The slayings were allegedly prompted when Swift quit his new job, refusing to take a drug test. His wife, Amy, was angry at his decision, starting an argument which escalated to her murder and the murder of her mother. Swift also claimed his 5-year-old son, who witnessed both deaths, “was giving (him) the order to do it.”

Swift was found guilty in 2005 and executed by lethal injection in 2007. According to one of his lawyers, Swift sought the death penalty from the beginning of the trial.

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