Famous Last Words
Frank McFarland
April 29, 1998

“I owe no apologies for a crime I did not commit. Those who lied and fabricated evidence against me will have to answer for what they have done. I know in my heart what I did and I call upon the spirit of my ancestors and the land, the sea, the skies and all of my people and I swear to them and now I am coming home.

Loch Sloy.”

Frank McFarland was executed for the rape and stabbing death of a female victim who was stabbed 79 times and left to die. She was found still living and, before she succumbed to her injuries in a local hospital, she told police two men raped and stabbed her. McFarland was convicted on circumstantial evidence: he was supposed to meet with the victim the night of the murder but claimed he got too drunk to meet with her; some of her hair and clothing fibers were found in his car; and an earring and scarf was also found in his possession.

His last words ended with “Loch Sloy,” the name of a small loch in Scotland and the battle cry of the MacFarland/McFarland clan.

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