April 27, 1911
Flush, Kansas
An 18-year-old student was accidentally shot by a nun before a school play

Another student had brought a real, loaded gun to use as a prop during a play. The girl who was to use it in the play, Pearl Reedy (18), held it briefly before putting it down saying she was “afraid of the old thing.” Sister Rose tried to ease the young woman’s mind by showing it was not operational. Older, sensationalized news reports claimed the nun pointed the gun at Reedy’s heart to prove it was safe. They added Reedy was likely fatally wounded. In reality, Sister Rose pointed it to the ground before pulling the trigger. The bullet bounced off the sidewalk and struck the girl’s shoulder. By May 31, Reedy had fully recovered.

Clipping: The Manhattan Republic (Manhattan KS) May 4 1911

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