April 26, 2002
Erfurt, Germany
19-year-old Robert Steinhäuser begins a shooting spree at his former school, killing 17 including himself and wounding one

Though the motive behind the attack is unclear, it is widely believed Steinhäuser was angry over his expulsion from the school. His victims were predominantly teachers and other school staff, but he also killed two students (who were behind a locked door he fired upon) and a police officer.

One teacher, Herr Heise, told Steinhäuser “du kannst mich jetzt erschießen” (“you can shoot me now”) to which Steinhäuser replied “Herr Heise, für heute reicht’s” (“Mr. Heise, that’s enough for today”). Heise tried talking to Steinhäuser, lured him in front of an empty room before pushing him in and locking the door. Shortly after, Steinhäuser shot himself.

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