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Woman kills school janitor for spanking her grandson

April 26, 1978 Dallas, Texas A woman shoots and kills a janitor for allegedly spanking her grandson The grandson and his sister informed their grandmother, Georgia Reeves, that janitor Woodrow Porter had spanked the 8-year-old for bending his car’s antenna. The grandmother called the children’s mother and all 4 went to the school to confront… Continue reading Woman kills school janitor for spanking her grandson

Executions · Famous Last Words · New Mexico

The only man executed for train robbery

April 26, 1901 Clayton, New Mexico territory Thomas "Black Jack" Ketchum is hanged for train robbery, the only person executed for this crime Ketchum admitted he modeled his style after the infamous criminal Black Jack, but claimed he was not the real one. When he was sentenced to hang, he reinforced his innocence of the… Continue reading The only man executed for train robbery

Germany · Massacres/Mass Murder

Erfurt school massacre

April 26, 2002 Erfurt, Germany 19-year-old Robert Steinhäuser begins a shooting spree at his former school, killing 17 including himself and wounding one Though the motive behind the attack is unclear, it is widely believed Steinhäuser was angry over his expulsion from the school. His victims were predominantly teachers and other school staff, but he… Continue reading Erfurt school massacre

Famous Last Words · Political · Virginia

The death of John Wilkes Booth

April 26, 1865 Port Royal, Virginia Lincoln's assassin, 26-year-old John Wilkes Booth, is killed by Union sergeant Boston Corbett Booth was tracked for 12 days following the assassination of President Lincoln, finally found hiding in a barn. Co-conspirator David Harold surrendered but Booth refused to, saying "I prefer to come out and fight." The Union… Continue reading The death of John Wilkes Booth