From The Illustrated Police News
Published April 25, 1885

Some of the more interesting stories featured on the cover include:

* Charles Henry Hall, aged 1 year 7 months, was pecked to death by a chicken in his yard. The article states “It appears that the child was left alone in the backyard for a few minutes, when a fowl attacked him, and inflicted such injuries that notwithstanding medical aid he succumbed soon afterwards.”

* The body of a dismember and decomposing man was discovered in a trunk. A note accompanying the an read “So perish all traitors to the great cause.” The body also featured a deep cut in the shape of a cross on the chest.

* A man threw a saucepan of boiling water on his family following an argument with his son. The son’s grandmother (it isn’t specified, but likely the maternal grandmother) attempted to intervene. In retaliation, the man threw the scalding water across the room, injuring the grandmother critically, as well as two of his daughters (ages 16 and 11) and one of his sons (age 18).

* A woman with a tambourine startled a horse during a Salvation Army parade. The frightened horse ran into a crowd of spectators, injuring itself and several people. One person, a young lady named Alice Hudson, was critically injured and was not expected to recover.

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