April 25, 2002
La Ceiba, Honduras
Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes is killed in a car accident

Lopes had been attempting to pass another car while speeding, when a truck appeared in lane she was using to pass. This caused Lopes to sharply turn to avoid the truck. The sudden turn sent the vehicle into two trees and rolled several times. She had been driving 8 other people in the vehicle, all of whom survived, but Lopes suffered a major blow to the head and a fracture to the base of her skull, killing her instantly.

A popular urban legend at the time was that the death was not an accident but a revenge killing for the death of a 10-year-old boy weeks prior to Lopes’ death. A boy had been following his brothers and sisters, lagging behind somewhat, and unfortunately stepped into traffic after the other children made it. He was struck by a car driven by Lopes’ assistant and later died of his injuries. However, Lopes paid for the medical bills and funeral costs, and the family did not blame Lopes for the accident.

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