April 24, 1999
Ronald Jeffrey Prible, Jr. kills a family of five

Prible and his best friend/partner in crime Steve Herrera had allegedly robbed banks and dealt drugs to open a topless club, but had a falling out when Prible accused Herrera of stealing $250,000.

Around 2 o’clock in the morning of April 24, 1999, Prible broke into Herrera’s house, shot Herrera at the base of his skull, raped Herrera’s girlfriend Nilda Tirado, shot her in the same fashion as Herrera, then set fire to her body to destroy evidence. The resulting smoke crept into the other areas of the house, killing the victims’ three children, Tirado’s 7-year-old daughter Rachel Elizabeth Cumpian, Herrera’s 7-year-old daughter Valerie Herrera, and the couple’s 22-month-old Jade Herrera.

Prible was sentenced to death in 2002. He is currently on death row.

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