Famous last words
Frank Rose
April 22, 1904

“So long, fellows.”

Frank Rose was executed by firing squad for the shooting death of his wife he claimed to be unfaithful, and the near death of his son. As The Salt Lake City Tribune (Apr 23 1904) reported, “While his two-year-old babe lay in the blood of it’s cold and foully murdered mother the father wandered the streets from saloon to saloon in a state of idiotic drunkenness. … The officers found the tale of the crime only too true. They found the two-year-old child lying inert by the side of its mother’s lifeless clay.”

The Farmington Times also painted a grim picture of the murder. Mrs. Rose’s obituary reads:

FARMINGTON TIMES, Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri, Thursday, December 31, 1903



Frank Rose Shoots Woman and With Babe in her Arms Watches Her Die




Frank Rose, a barber, shot his wife Christmas morning at Salt Lake, Utah. He placed a pistol to her head while she unresistingly lay on the bed. After she was shot she looked into her husband’s eyes and said, “Well, Frank, I guess you have done it now.” She asked him to bring the baby, two years old, over to her so she could kiss him, and asked her husband to kiss her as she felt that life was almost gone. He leaned over her, his elbows resting in her blood, pressed his lips to hers, and she raised her arm, down which the blood was streaming, and put it around his neck. She asked him to leave the babe in her arms, and it was found there with its dead mother, shivering in its thin blood-wet clothes, by officers 37 hours after the tragedy. Rose gave himelf up and told what he had done and described the details of the murder. Jealousy was the cause of the crime, and it is one of the coldest and most deliberate in the annals of crime. He expressed no regret, and said he had been contemplating it for months.

The murdered woman’s mother, Mrs. Eliza Morris, lives at Desloge, in this county, and a sister, Mrs. Pearl Poston, at Bonne Terre. She was only twenty years old, and Rose is thirty.

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