Teen stabbed at work by man intent upon “hurting a female”

April 20, 2006
Vancouver, Washington
17-year-old Anna Svidersky is killed with a kitchen knife as she’s working at McDonald’s

David Sullivan, a twice-convicted sex offender suffering from schizophrenia, left his home with a kitchen knife and the intention of “hurting a female.” He did not know Svidersky prior to her death. Sullivan approached Svidersky as she was cleaning a table and stabbed her under her arm, piercing her heart. She died an hour later at the hospital.

Svidersky’s death was largely placed in the public eye by a chain post accompanying a newspaper article, spread on MySpace. The chain post, containing all original spelling and grammatical errors, read:

To those of you who wont repost this, thats kind of sad. I know most of you didnt know her but I have seen you repost the most ridiculous bulletins like “If you dont repost this in .2 seconds you will die tonight and your crush will hate you”, “What kind of skittle are you?”, “Whats your favorite song to have SEX too?”, “put BACARDI if your taken”, “Leave me comments lyke now!!1!!111” and so on. But you cant repost one that has meaning, and that isnt threatening you?

To alot of you this is just another sad bulletin or news article, but to the people who knew her she was their daughter, best friend, niece, cousin, crush, grandaughter, sister, prom date. Think of how they feel? and how you would feel if this happened to someone close to you.

R.I.P Anna Svidersky

Anna was a smart 17 year old girl who lived in Vancover, WASHINGTON. She attended Fort Vancover Highschool and was going to graduating this June, 2006.

Thursday, April 20th 2006 in the evening she was stabbed and murdered at Mcdonalds while working. She didnt deserve this, at all. There is so much violence going on lately its ridiculous.

Sullivan was found not guilty by reason of insanity and given an indefinite sentence in a mental institution.

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