Trial ends after a request for trial by battle

April 20, 1818 England The Ashford v Thornton murder trial ends after the defendant asks for his right to trial by battle Abraham Thornton had been accused of the murder of Mary Ashford when she was found dead, drowned in a pit with little or no evidence of violence. Thornton had been the last person… Continue reading Trial ends after a request for trial by battle

Colorado · Massacres/Mass Murder · School Violence

The Columbine massacre

April 20, 1999 Columbine, Colorado Two teenaged males commit an act of terrorism at their school, resulting in 15 deaths and 24 injuries The boys' motive is unclear, but journal entries left behind suggested they wanted to rival the Oklahoma City bombing from a few years prior. (The Columbine massacre took place the day after… Continue reading The Columbine massacre


Teen stabbed at work by man intent upon “hurting a female”

April 20, 2006 Vancouver, Washington 17-year-old Anna Svidersky is killed with a kitchen knife as she's working at McDonald's David Sullivan, a twice-convicted sex offender suffering from schizophrenia, left his home with a kitchen knife and the intention of "hurting a female." He did not know Svidersky prior to her death. Sullivan approached Svidersky as… Continue reading Teen stabbed at work by man intent upon “hurting a female”


An artist rendering of the Abominable Snowman carrying a yak above its head

April 20, 1958 An artist rendition of the Abominable Snowman is published The caption with the piece reads: “Against an actual backdrop of the Abominable Snowman's wild Himalayan habitat, artist depicts the legendary ape-man as seen by Sherpas.” Source: New York Journal American Photographic Morgue