Famous Last Words
Robert Glen Coe
Nashville, Tennessee
April 19, 2000

“God loves you. I’m gone.”

Coe was executed by lethal injection for the rape and murder of 8-year-old Cary Ann Medlin in 1979. Coe claimed to be a friend of Cary’s father and asked for directions Cary and her brother to their house. Cary got into his vehicle to help him find it. She was never seen again.

According to a confession, Coe forced Cary to watch him masturbate; Cary’s autopsy revealed she was also sexually assaulted. According to Coe’s confession, he became angry when Cary repeatedly stated “Jesus loves you” either after being forced to watch the sex act or after the sexual assault. In a rage, he pulled Cary from his truck by her throat and attempted to strangle her. Unable to do so, he stabbed her in the throat. She quickly exsanguinated.

Coe was the first person executed in Tennessee after the death penalty was reinstated. Before his execution in 2000, the last execution in Tennessee was in 1960.

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