Cousins kill boy, sever his limbs, and drink his blood

April 18, 1998
Donna, Texas
Pablo Lucio Vasquez and his cousin kill a 12-year-old boy, dismember his body, and drink his blood

The boy was David Cardenas and had met Vasquez (20) at a party. Vasquez and his cousin Andy Chapa (15) were walking with Cardenas away from the party and to another house when Vasquez struck Cardenas on the head with a metal pipe and slit his throat. The cousins took the boy to a field, leaving a trail of blood behind them. In the field, they stole a ring and necklace from Cardenas’ body, severed one arm and partially severed another, dismembered a foot, scalped him, removed skin from his back, drank some of Cardenas’ blood, and unsuccessfully attempted to decapitate him with a shovel. (During questioning, Vasquez claimed the devil told him to cut off the boy’s head.) Cardenas’ body was then covered with pieces of aluminum. Vasquez, Chapa, and 3 relatives helped conceal the crime.

Vasquez claims to have committed the crime because he was under the influence of alcohol and cocaine, though Chapa claimed the murder was because the boy didn’t give Vasquez “what he wanted.”

Vasquez was executed April 6, 2016. Chapa pleaded guilty and received a 35 year sentence. The relatives who assisted in the concealment of the murder received fines and/or probation, and one was deported.

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