April 17, 2007
Moscow, Russia
Arthur Ryno (Артур Рыно) and Pavel Skachevskiy (Павел Скачевский), ringleaders of a murdering skinhead gang of youths from 15 to 25 years old, are arrested for the deaths of “non-Slavic-looking” people

The targets were chosen specifically by their looks, predominantly those from Central Asia and the Caucasus region, based on the color of their skin. The gang claimed the motive was to “cleanse the city” of immigrants. Each victim was stabbed repeatedly by the gang who also often took videos or pictures of their crimes with their phones. Ryno confessed to 37 such killings, giving details only a person associated with the crimes would know, though he later retracted this confession. Because of a lack of evidence connecting him to these additional crimes, some were dismissed in court; the gang was charged with and convicted of 20 of the murders.

Ryno and Skachevskiy were sentenced to 10 years in a medium-security prison as they were 17 when the crimes took place. The member with the longest term was sentenced to 20 years.

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