April 15, 1931
Coney Island, New York City, New York
Mob boss Giuseppe “Joe the Boss” Masseria is gunned down in a restaurant

The details behind Masseria’s death are fuzzy with two different versions of the event’s specifics. Gangland legend claims 4 shooters took out Masseria while his body guards were mysteriously absent. However, newspapers and police reports claim only 2 shooters were responsible, citing 2 types of bullets which ended Masseria’s life and 2 revolvers found in the alley behind the restaurant. An informant gave police a lead to one of the possible murderers, John “Silk Stockings” Giustra, though the investigation went cold after Giustra’s murder on July 9, 1931.

One of the photos of the crime scene involved Masseria holding an Ace of Spades, the so-called “death card,” though this was likely staged.

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