April 15, 1953
Lawrence, Massachusetts
Peter Joseph Akulonis kills several members of his family then himself

Akulonis had recently quit his job as a boilermaker, alleging “people were talking about him.” For reasons not entirely clear, Akulonis then set about murdering his family:

* Mary Akulonis (his mother, 72)
* Madeline Akulonis (his wife, 30)
* Michael Akulonis (his son, 5)
* Peter Akulonis, Jr. (his son, 10)
* Alphonse Akulonis (his brother, 32)
* Paul Akulonis (Alphonse’s son, 2)
* James Akulonis (Alphonse’s son, 4)
* Raymond Akulonis (his brother, 37)

All victims aside from Raymond were hacked to death with an axe. Raymond was murdered with a .22 caliber rifle which Peter Sr. later used to shoot himself as police attempted to apprehend him.

Several bloody, incoherent notes were found on Peter Sr.’s body. According to The Portsmouth (NH) Herald, April 17 1953, the leaders read:

“If there is a squork [sic] about the money in the banks it should go to I or Claire [Alphonse’s widow]. I intend to take the rest, the best, Peter Akulonis, good luck to you.”

“Thanks to the tin God.”

“I love Michael more than life. I love Mon [sic], Paul, Jimmy, Sis, Peter, Ray.”

“Sanderson, I hope you choke Junior. There are more and all the rats who wouldn’t let a guy live.”

Clipping: Pensacola (FL) News Journal, April 17 1953

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