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Vintage crime scene: the Death card

April 15, 1931 Coney Island, New York City, New York Mob boss Giuseppe "Joe the Boss" Masseria is gunned down in a restaurant The details behind Masseria's death are fuzzy with two different versions of the event’s specifics. Gangland legend claims 4 shooters took out Masseria while his body guards were mysteriously absent. However, newspapers… Continue reading Vintage crime scene: the Death card

Disasters · International/Multi-national

The sinking of the Titanic

April 15, 1912 North Atlantic Ocean The RMS Titanic sinks, taking the lives of more than 1,500 people The Titanic struck an iceberg during the late hours of April 14. The reasons why the accident occurred — including the ship’s crew ignoring warnings of sea ice from other vessels and failing to see the fateful… Continue reading The sinking of the Titanic


Liliane Gerenstein put to death in Auschwitz

April 15, 1944 Oswiecim, Małopolskie, Poland (Auschwitz Death Camp) 11-year-old Liliane Gerenstein is put to death French-born Liliane was among a large group of children living in a children’s home designed to hide their Jewish heritage. On April 6, gestapo raided the home taking 44 children and 7 supervisors. They were taken to Auschwitz where… Continue reading Liliane Gerenstein put to death in Auschwitz

Massacres/Mass Murder · New York

Palm Sunday massacre

April 15, 1984 Brooklyn, New York Christopher Thomas shoots and kills several women and children as they are relaxing in their home, leaving an 11-month-old as the only survivor Thomas had allegedly bought drugs from the home owner, Enrique Bermudez, in the past and suspected Bermudez of sleeping with Thomas' wife. The victims included Bermudez's… Continue reading Palm Sunday massacre

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Man kills 8 members of his family, self

April 15, 1953 Lawrence, Massachusetts Peter Joseph Akulonis kills several members of his family then himself Akulonis had recently quit his job as a boilermaker, alleging “people were talking about him.” For reasons not entirely clear, Akulonis then set about murdering his family: * Mary Akulonis (his mother, 72) * Madeline Akulonis (his wife, 30)… Continue reading Man kills 8 members of his family, self