April 12, 1869
Paris, France
Serial killer and bluebeard Henri Désiré Landru is born

Landru made a career being bluebeard, a man who repeatedly kills his wives or lovers, named after an old French folktale. He would publish lonely hearts ads seeking widows; World War I-era France had no shortage of widows. He would seduce them, gain access to their assets, then murder them. He dispatched of ten women in this manner as well as the teenager son of one victim.

When one victim’s sister became suspicious of her disappearance, authorities were contacted. Despite no bodies being found, ledgers Landru kept detailing his aliases and other documents provided enough to charge and convict Landru. He was executed by guillotine on February 22, 1922 for 11 counts of assassination. His severed head currently resides in the Museum of Death in Hollywood, California.

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