April 12, 2014
Pleasant Grove, Utah
The first of seven dead newborns, killed by their mother Megan Huntsman between 1996 and 2006, is found in her garage

Huntsman’s husband found the first dead infant in their garage, in a white box sealed with electrical tape. When he questioned Megan about the body, she claimed the baby was stillborn and she had been too afraid to go to the police or the hospital. Police searched the house and garage and found another 6 bodies of newborns, as well as a blood-stained mattress.

Huntsman, who also had three children who were not killed, confessed to the murders of 6 of the 7 babies, admitting to choking them by placing a thumb over their throats or by suffocating them. She claimed she concealed the pregnancies and murdered the newborns because she couldn’t afford methamphetamines and still provide for the children. She also blamed a lethal combination of drugs, alcohol, and depression, as well as wanting “to help them avoid the terrible life I would have given them.”

Huntsman pleaded guilty in 2015 and sentenced to six terms of 5 years to life, three to be served consecutively and three concurrently. Her first parole hearing is scheduled for April 2064, when she is 89-years-old.

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