April 11, 1996
Mona Herold Vanni dies, and a scathing epitaph left by her children on her gravestone

Though the history behind Mona’s gravestone hasn’t been verified, one Redditor claiming to be the Jackie on the headstone wrote this, verbatim, of her mother:

“I am the Jackie on Mona Herald Vanni’s tombstone. I had no knowledge of her death until my brother contacted me. I had not any contact with her since I was 18. I left home at 16 with the help of my high school principal. My sister eloped six months before to get out of Mother’s control. My brother left immediately after his graduation 7 years later. We’ve all become upstanding citizens. The sentiments on her grave barely covers the brutal treatment we each received. I got the worst as I looked and acted like my father who I never saw as a little child. He was killed in WW!!. I had no input in the epitaph, but Michael expressed it right on. I, on the other hand, would have just put on her name, her birth, and her death in the smallest letters possible. We all loved our father, but were never were allow to get close to him. Michael had the right to express his feelings, especially for his father. The real story is far worse than the epitaph.”

One thought on “An unflattering gravestone

  1. Sad this *ahem* woman Mona was so toxic. To Buddy, Jackie and Mike…be proud of the productive, wonderful adults you became in SPITE of this vile person.


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