April 10, 1878
South Side, Glasgow, Scotland
Simon Fraser, long-time sufferer of Somnambulism (sleepwalking), picks up his sleeping 18-month-old son and repeatedly bashes the baby against the door, floors, and wall.

The child suffered fractures to the skull and lacerations to the brain before he dies around two hours later. When asked about the incident, Fraser said he did not remember attacking his son (whom he was known to be very loving toward), and that he thought he was battling a wild animal who was after his son.

During Fraser’s trial, his previous record of Somnambulism came to light, including attacking both his father and sister on separate occasions while a teenager, and swimming into the ocean to save his drowning sister (who was in reality safe in her bed).

He was acquitted of his charge and sentenced to being locked in a room at night, with the lock being on the outside of the room, and his wife was to be in charge of the only key.

Clipping: Glasgow Herald (Glasgow, Scotland) Apr 11 1878

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