From the Illustrated Police News
Published April 9, 1881
A practical joke ends tragically

The article accompanying this illustration reads:

“A most melancholy and painful occurrence took place at Halifax on Thursday last week. It appears that at the house of a wealthy inhabitants of the town — or rather, more correctly speaking, on the outskirts of the town — some amateur theatricals were taking place. When the evening’s entertainment was over, a lad, in mere sport, dressed himself in the costume of one of the attendant sprites, and sprang on the window-sill of a neighbour’s house. The appearance he presented was of a most hideous description, and a little girl, named Gusay [ed. note: possibly? The 130+ newspaper is a bit faded in this area] Ward, was so frightened that she went into hysterics, and for hours afterwards she was in such a state of fear and trembling that but little hopes were entertained of her recovery. We regret to add that she expired on Monday morning last. We hope this case will act as a warning to all those who indulge in practical jokes, which are in most cases both foolish and mischievous.”

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