“Hitler’s Jewish Psychic” found dead

April 7, 1933
Berlin, Germany
Clairvoyant, occultist, hypnotist, and illusionist Erik Jan Hanussen, sometimes referred to as “Hitler’s Jewish Psychic,” is found dead

Hanussen rose to fame as a clairvoyant after predicting the Reichstag fire in February of 1933, an arson attack in the Reichstag building housing German parliament. However, this prediction was possibly less metaphysical and more insider knowledge, which also may have led to Hanussen’s assassination. Hanussen was also alleged to have hypnotized the arsonist into setting the fire.

He was assassinated March 25, 1933 with 2 shots to the head, execution-style. His body was hastily buried but was discovered 2 weeks later, his body devoured by maggots and his face mostly gnawed away by scavengers, leaving him almost unrecognizable. The exact motive behind his death as well as his assassins are still a mystery.

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