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Mobster killed during birthday celebration

April 7, 1972 Manhattan, New York Mafioso Joe Gallo is gunned down at Umberto's Clam House while celebrating his birthday Gallo was believed to have previously set up an unsuccessful hit against mob boss Joseph Colombo. Because of this allegation, when a Colombo associate in Umberto's saw Gallo enter, he quickly left the restaurant to… Continue reading Mobster killed during birthday celebration

Massacres/Mass Murder · Pennsylvania · Workplace Violence

The Dearing family murders

April 7, 1866 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Six members of the Dearing family, a family friend, and a fieldhand are murdered The Dearing family (misspelled in the top picture as “Deering”) and two others were lured into a barn and systematically murdered with an axe and hammer. The victims were Christopher Dearing (38), Julia Dearing (45), John… Continue reading The Dearing family murders


“Hitler’s Jewish Psychic” found dead

April 7, 1933 Berlin, Germany Clairvoyant, occultist, hypnotist, and illusionist Erik Jan Hanussen, sometimes referred to as "Hitler's Jewish Psychic," is found dead Hanussen rose to fame as a clairvoyant after predicting the Reichstag fire in February of 1933, an arson attack in the Reichstag building housing German parliament. However, this prediction was possibly less… Continue reading “Hitler’s Jewish Psychic” found dead

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Happy birthday, Stan Winston

Happy birthday to the late, legendary Stan Winston Born April 7, 1946 Winston had brought to life many monsters and aliens in cinema, working on Aliens, The Terminator, Terminator 2, Terminator 3: Rise is the Machines, Predator, Predator 2, The Monster Squad, The Relic, Lake Placid, Darkness Falls, Galaxy Quest, The Island of Dr. Moreau,… Continue reading Happy birthday, Stan Winston