April 3, 2001
Huntsville, Texas
Jason Massey is executed by lethal injection for the murders of 2 teens

Massey had been obsessed with becoming a famous serial killer, writing in a journal “[m]y goal is to kill 700 people in 20 years.” He also was known to kill and dismember animals, claiming in another journal entry to have killed 41 cats, 32 dogs, and 7 cows. He was also a self-described Satanist and idolized Charles Manson.

On the night of July 26, 1993, Massey (20) picked up step-siblings Brian King (14) and Christina Benjamin (13) from their home, drove them into the woods, and killed both. King was killed by two shots to the head with a .22 caliber pistol. Benjamin, however, was raped, stabbed, shot in the back, disemboweled, decapitated, and had her hands and nipples removed. She also had “very long, delicate, intricate carvings” on her torso and abdomen. Her hands and head were never recovered.

Police quickly took interest in Massey after he was seen carrying a .22 caliber pistol. A search of his home and car revealed newspaper clippings of the murders and blood spots with DNA matching King and Benjamin. During trial, friend testified against him, stating Massey had told him he planned to kill Benjamin, though the friend hadn’t thought much of it at the time because Massey often talked about killing girls.

Massey was found guilty and sentenced to death. Before his execution, he apologized “for all the pain [he] caused” and confessed to the murders. He also said he put Benjamin’s missing hands and head in the Trinity River. He ended his final statement with “Tonight I dance on the streets of gold. Let those without sin cast the first stone.”

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