Happy April Fool’s Day! In celebration, here’s a collection of various bits of misfortune surrounding the holiday.

Doctor tricked to going to a supposedly sick patient, stabs prankster in head, neck, and body in response

The Weekly-Times Democrat (New Orleans, Louisiana) Apr 3 1886

Man scared wife to death with prank

Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan) Apr 4 1896

Waiter pranks customer by claiming he had mashed potatoes on his sleeve. The waiter found the joke so funny he began convulsing, had to be carried into the kitchen, and popped a blood vessel

The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) Apr 2, 1892

Tainted candies killed 2 children

The Manning Times (Manning, South Carolina) Apr 8 1914

Boy accidentally hangs himself while to pretending to hang himself as a prank

The Ohio County News (Hartford, Kentucky) Apr 5 1899

17-year-old fatally punches 14-year-old in jaw after the younger allegedly tied cans to the elder’s coat tails

The Cameron Sun (Cameron, Missouri) Apr 10 1903

Employee jumps out of shadows to prank employer, is mistaken for robber and shot to death

The Marshall Messenger (Marshall, Texas) Apr 9 1912

Only one April Fool’s Day fatality reported, the world is obviously becoming a better place

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York) Apr 4 1912

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