April 1, 1984
Las Vegas, Nevada
Serial killer Christopher Wilder watches Seventeen magazine pageant winner Michelle Korfman (seen in the foreground holding flowers) shortly before he abducted, raped, and murdered her

Wilder was dubbed “The Beauty Queen Killer,” targeting beauty pageant winners and models. In a 6-week crime spree, he abducted and raped at least 10 women and killed at least 8. Of his known murdered victims, the youngest was Korfman at 17 and the oldest was 33.

Wilder was killed during a confrontation with New Hampshire state troopers on April 13, 1984. Wilder drew a .357 Magnum from his vehicle but was grabbed from behind by Trooper Leo Jellison. During the struggle, the gun fired twice; one bullet went through Wilder’s body and struck Jellison in the chest while the second “obliterated” Wilder’s heart according to the Mohave Daily Miner (Apr 15 1984). Wilder died at the scene while Trooper Jellison made a full recovery.

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