California · Serial Killers

Serial killer murdered in prison

March 30, 1981
Folsom, California
Serial killer Thor Nis Christiansen is fatally stabbed in prison by another prisoner

Christiansen committed 4 murders between 1976 and 1979, allegedly to fulfill fantasies of murdering young women and then raping their corpses. His fifth intended victim was shot in the head while Christiansen was driving, but was able to escape the car while bleeding profusely and find medical attention. Three months later, she saw Christiansen in a bar and alerted authorities. He was arrested, pleaded guilty, and sentenced to life in prison.

Though his defense attorney attempted to keep him from the general population in prison, fearing the sexual nature of his crimes coupled with his blonde hair and youthful appearance would make him a target, Christiansen was not given special protection. He was killed by a single stab wound to the chest while in the prison exercise yard. His killer was never identified.

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