March 30, 1891*
Liberty, Mississippi

An unknown assailant fired a double-barreled shotgun into a crowd during a school concert. Fourteen were wounded, one seriously enough for newspapers to report he wouldn’t recover. I could not find any information about the aftermath of the shooting, though one newspaper, The Daily Times (New Brunswick, NJ; Mar 30 1891), reported the police in the area didn’t seem as though the case was a priority, complaining “[t]he strangest part of the affair is that authorities of the county have made no efforts whatever looking to the capture of the perpetrator of the dastardly deed.”

* some newspapers at the time also reported the date as March 29 or March 31, but March 30 seems to be the more likely date

Clipping: The Dalles Daily Chronicle (The Dalles, Oregon) Mar 30 1891

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