Today in Horror History

Beetlejuice released on this day, 1988

Released March 30, 1988

The final movie pushed the PG boundaries fairly far, including a random F-bomb and a whorehouse in what people assumed to be a kids’ movie. But the original script was even less family-friendly:

  • Adam and Barbara’s deaths were shown in greater detail, with Barbara’s upper arm being crushed and Adam struggling futilely to save his wife or himself
  • Lydia’s role is more minor with her younger sister Cathy being the one able to see the ghosts
  • Cathy nurses a wounded squirrel back to health only for it to be revealed the animal was Beetlejuice in disguise who mauls Cathy and attempts to rape Lydia
  • Beetlejuice’s intention was to murder the Deetz family rather than scare/injure them
  • although this tidbit isn’t more violent or adult-themed than the final movie it’s interesting and kind of funny: an early version of the script included Beetlejuice as a “demonic Bruce Springsteen,” “the ultimate death rocker” Danny Death

Read more facts about the original concept here, or check out the second draft of the script here.

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