Mississippi · Newspaper clippings

Mass shooting during school concert (1891)

March 30, 1891* Liberty, Mississippi An unknown assailant fired a double-barreled shotgun into a crowd during a school concert. Fourteen were wounded, one seriously enough for newspapers to report he wouldn’t recover. I could not find any information about the aftermath of the shooting, though one newspaper, The Daily Times (New Brunswick, NJ; Mar 30… Continue reading Mass shooting during school concert (1891)


Lahore police academy attack

March 30, 2009 Lahore, Pakistan Militants attack the Manawan Police Academy, killing 16 and injuring 95 The group of 12 militants stormed the academy using machine guns, hand grenades, and rocket propelled grenades to kill and maim those in the building and surrounding area. Five recruits, two instructors, and a civilian were killed, as well… Continue reading Lahore police academy attack

New York

The lonely death of Bobby Driscoll, the voice of Disney’s Peter Pan

March 30, 1968 Manhattan, New York Former child-star Bobby Driscoll dies at the age of 31 from advanced hardening of the arteries from prolonged drug abuse Driscoll is probably best remembered for voicing the titular character in Disney’s Peter Pan though he also starred in Songs of the South, Disney’s Treasure Island (1950), and Rawhide.… Continue reading The lonely death of Bobby Driscoll, the voice of Disney’s Peter Pan

Today in Horror History

Beetlejuice released on this day, 1988

Released March 30, 1988 The final movie pushed the PG boundaries fairly far, including a random F-bomb and a whorehouse in what people assumed to be a kids’ movie. But the original script was even less family-friendly: Adam and Barbara’s deaths were shown in greater detail, with Barbara’s upper arm being crushed and Adam struggling… Continue reading Beetlejuice released on this day, 1988

California · Serial Killers

Serial killer murdered in prison

March 30, 1981 Folsom, California Serial killer Thor Nis Christiansen is fatally stabbed in prison by another prisoner Christiansen committed 4 murders between 1976 and 1979, allegedly to fulfill fantasies of murdering young women and then raping their corpses. His fifth intended victim was shot in the head while Christiansen was driving, but was able… Continue reading Serial killer murdered in prison