Colorado · Female Killers

Woman kills 2 because she believed she was a “government assassin of traitors”

March 28, 2004
Denver, Colorado
Amber Torrez kills the first of two victims because she is a “government assassin of traitors”

Torrez’s first murder victim was John Hand who she stabbed 30 times. Her second murder victim was killed the next day on March 29; Mesfin Gezahegn was stabbed 39 times.

During trial, Torrez claimed that while she recognized society might find her actions wrong, she believed she “had a higher calling.” She stated she believed she was part of a group of 700 assassins of Shadow Angel Industries whose targets included enemies of the government including robbers, rapists, and traitors. She was found not guilty by reason of insanity in 2006.

However, in 2008 Torrez was sentenced to 10 years in prison for assaulting a friend days before the murders took place. Ian Daugherty, who was disabled from a car accident, were visited by Torrez and her co-defendant Dayle Karry. Torrez offered to give Daugherty a neck and shoulder rub, then attempted to break Daugherty’s neck. When that failed, Karry held Daugherty down while Torrez beat and kicked him. The pair then tied their victim’s feet and hands, duct taped his mouth, and doused him in alcohol with the intent of setting him on fire. They abandoned the arson when no matches could be found, stole some of Daugherty’s property, disabled his landline phone, and left. Both Torrez and Karry pleaded guilty; Torrez received a 10-year prison sentence while Karry was given a 5-year Intensive Supervision Probation sentence.

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