Three killed on rural road

March 28, 1996
Married couple John “Jay” Tyler (29) and Kathy Tyler (29) and their friend Brandy Southard (21) are chased to an intersection on a rural road before being shoot and stabbed

John Matthew Stephenson’s trial is believed to be the longest and most expensive in Indiana’s history, spanning 140 trial days. Additionally, according to, “[t]he defense was allowed 2 attorneys, 2 investigators, a paralegal, a professional photographer, a civil engineer, a forensic scientist, a jury consultant, a neuropsychologist, and a mitigation expert.”

During trial, prosecutors alleged Stephenson — who knew the victims — stole from Southard shortly before the murder, chased the victims to an area where Jay Tyler may have lost control of his vehicle, shot the 3 victims with an SKS semi-automatic carbine, then stabbed each victim repeatedly. Stephenson’s defense proposed the victims were killed in a drug-related altercation that was not connected to Stephenson.

Stephenson is currently on death row.

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