March 27, 1993
San Diego County, California
Friends Charlie Keever (13) and Jonathan Sellers (11) are tortured, molested, and killed by Scott Erskine

The boys spent their day riding their bikes around town, chatting with people and visiting a pet store to play with the dogs and cats. At some point, they were either lured or forced in a makeshift fort made of brush where they were tortured and killed.

They were both found bound by rope and gagged with tape, and both showed damage to their genitals. Charlie’s genitals had been bitten while he was still alive, and DNA collected from semen found in his mouth later led investigators to Erskine. Jonathan was found hanging from a tree.

Erskine was linked to the murders by the DNA he left at the scene, which was matched in 2001 to another rape he committed in 1993; he had invited a woman to his home where he held her hostage, raping and sodomizing her repeatedly for several days, before releasing her. As a registered sex offender he was required to provide DNA samples which eventually tied him to the murders of the boys.

Erskine is on death row after being found guilty of two counts of murder with the special allegations of sodomy, oral copulation, child molestation and torture and three counts of special circumstances: torture, sexual assault and multiple murders (including the rape and murder of a 26-year-old woman Erskine killed in 1989 which was also linked to him by his DNA).

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