South Korea

Five boys murdered while hunting for frogs

March 26, 1991
Daegu, South Korea
Five boys disappear while hunting for frogs

After the boys’ disappearances were reported, police repeatedly searched the mountain, claiming to have searched it over 500 times. They also received over 550 tips, though all of them turned out to be false leads.

Eleven years later, in 2002, a man searching for acorns came across the bodies of the boys, whose ages were 9 to 13. Initially the police stated the children died of hypothermia. However, the parents of the lost children were not satisfied with this conclusion as the boys were very familiar with the mountain and would not become lost easily. Additionally, the boys’ clothing had knots tied in them, which was suspicious. After a forensic investigation, it was determined the boys had been murderer by repeated blunt force trauma to the head, and one boy had been shot in the head with a shotgun.

The case remains unsolved, but in South Korea there is a statute of limitations on murder which expired on the Frog Boys’ case in 2006, so even if a murderer is found he or she could not be prosecuted for the deaths. The police have stated they will keep the case open, however, to bring closure to the families.

A funeral service was given just shy of the 13th anniversary of their disappearance on March 25, 2004, and their skulls donated to medical research.

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