Bodies of the February Revolution laid to rest

March 23, 1917 Petrograd, Russian Empire (modern day St. Petersburg, Russia) The bodies of the victims of the February Revolution are laid to rest The February Revolution lasted from March 8 - 12 (using the Gregorian calendar, or February 23 - 27 using the Julian calendar) which marked the ending of the imperial system and…

Man shoots another during school recital (1907)

March 23, 1907 Carmi, Illinois Two men quarrel at a school recital, ending in a fatal shooting The two men, George Nicholson and John Kerd, had been longtime friends and neighbors. During a school recital, both men criticized the children on stage as they sang. When it was Nicholson’s own daughter’s turn, Kerd remarked on…

Student rescued from fire

March 23, 1963 Boston, Massachusetts The caption accompanying the photo reads: “In a Boston, Massachusetts, early morning fire, a fireman rescues a student who appears to be maintaining her proper dignity despite the circumstances.” Source: New York Journal America Photographic Morgue

The death of Oderus Urungus

March 23, 2014 Richmond, Virginia Dave Brockie, best known for his stage persona Oderus Urungus, self-proclaimed "undying chaos-demon, Lord and Master of Earth, (and) lead singer of GWAR", dies at the age of 50 from an accidental heroin overdose Brockie was later given a Viking funeral, documented for mourning fans on Instagram.

FLW: don’t mangle my body

Famous Last Words John Doyle Lee Meadow Mountains, Utah territory March 23, 1877 "Center on my heart, boys. Don't mangle my body." In September 1857, a group of emigrants moving west to California were attacked in Mountain Meadows by a group of Native Americans, as well as members of the Church of Ladder Day Saints…