New York · Racially Motivated

Man fatally stabbed so attacker could dissuade white women from interracial dating

March 20, 2017
Manhattan, New York
Timothy Caughman (pictured) is stabbed with a “sword like object” (also pictured) by James Harris Jackson

Jackson, according to prosecutors, was looking for any black man to kill specifically to deter white women from dating black men. In an interview with the New York Daily Times, he stated he believed the women would think to themselves “Well, if that guy feels so strongly about [interracial dating], maybe I shouldn’t do it.” He fatally stabbed Caughman with a “sword like weapon,” (a sort of Roman gladius/machete hybrid with an 18-inch blade) and, although he later told police he had originally intended to kill more black men at Times Square, turned himself in. Caughman was taken to a hospital but died of his injuries.

The last update about his trial was in January, with a possible plea deal on the table.

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