Ireland · Religion

The death of Saint Patrick

March 17, 461
Saul, Northern Ireland
Saint Patrick dies

A large boulder was placed in 1900 in Saint Patrick’s honor at Down Cathedral, where he is traditionally thought to be buried. The stone was engraved with the name PATRIC and a cross. Later, in 1985, a second stone and plaque was added which reads:

Saint Patrick was born in Britain. At sixteen he was captured and taken to Ireland, where he was sold into slavery. He escaped to France, but one night in a dream he heard the voice of the Irish calling him back. How Patrick answered that call and brought Christianity to Ireland is one of the most splendid chapters in our history.

According to tradition the remains of Saint Patrick with those of Saint Brigid and Saint Columba who was also known as Columcille were reinterred on this site by John De Courcy in the 12th Century thus fulfilling the prophecy that the three Saints would be buried in the same place.

Down District Council Recreation/Tourist Department

September 1985

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