March 16, 1999
Llullaillaco (on the border between Chile and Argentina)
Three child mummies are discovered and dubbed “The Children of of Llullaillaco”

The children were Incan human sacrifices, killed around 1500 AD. Extensive analysis of the bodies were able to track the food and other substances of the mummies for two years prior to their deaths. It was determined that during the final year of their lives, they were given a surge of coca leaves and alcohol, substances used in sacred rites that had the added benefit of disorienting and sedating the children, and were “fattened up” with a high-protein diet. The drugged children were then allowed to freeze on the mountain before being placed in a small chamber to die.

The eldest child was a girl around 15 (bottom). In the chamber with her were a 6-year-old girl (right) who was half-sisters with the teenager and a 7-year-old boy (left). The girls died in their sleep, likely succumbing to the elements while sedated. The boy was the only mummy found tied and was found with blood and vomit on his clothing. It was noted he was probably strangled to death.

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