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1190 Jewish Massacre

March 16, 1190 York, England Approximately 150 Jews, the entire Jewish population of York, are murdered or commit suicide The 12th Century in Western Europe was particularly unkind to the Jews, partially due to the Crusades. Additionally, local men of wealth who owed the Jewish money-lenders large sums of money tried to stir tension with… Continue reading 1190 Jewish Massacre

Palestine · Political

Activist killed by bulldozer during protest

March 16, 2003 Rafah, Gaza Strip 23-year-old activist Rachel Corrie is killed while trying to protect a Palestinian house from being demolished by a bulldozer by an Israeli soldier Witness accounts vary depending on the witnesses' personal bias: the Palestinian side claims the soldier deliberately ran Corrie down while the Israeli side claims the soldier… Continue reading Activist killed by bulldozer during protest

International/Multi-national · Religion

The discovery of 3 mummified, sacrificed children

March 16, 1999 Llullaillaco (on the border between Chile and Argentina) Three child mummies are discovered and dubbed “The Children of of Llullaillaco” The children were Incan human sacrifices, killed around 1500 AD. Extensive analysis of the bodies were able to track the food and other substances of the mummies for two years prior to… Continue reading The discovery of 3 mummified, sacrificed children