Italy · Political

Beware the Ides of March

March 15, 44 BC
Julius Caesar is assassinated

Rome was in a state of unrest for some time with Julius Caesar’s rule, which culminated when he designated himself dictator for life. A plan was quickly set in motion to kill the tyrannical ruler, in which some of his most trusted men accompanied him to Senate, calming his suspicions as they went.

Shortly after asking Caesar to repeal an exile order on the brother of one of the soon-to-be attackers and having the repeal dismissed, the group descended upon Caesar, stabbing him repeatedly until, blinded by blood and disoriented, he fell to the ground and was continued to be stabbed.

One of the world’s first recorded post mortem examinations was performed on Caesar, and it was discovered he had been stabbed 23 times, but only one wound had been fatal, which caused the dictator to exsanguinate.

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