Georgia · Massacres/Mass Murder

Geneva County Massacre

March 10, 2009
Geneva and Samson, Georgia
Michael McLendon (28) kills several members of his family and bystanders, leaving 11 dead and 6 injured

The motive behind McLendon’s murder spree isn’t clear, though he had recently been depressed about not having a career as well as not qualifying for the military or police force, had been disturbed over his parents’ divorce, and had been involved in a legal dispute with family members.

McLendon began the attack by killing his mother, whom he was living with, and setting her house on fire. He then traveled to a relative’s home, shooting relatives and neighbors. Further traveling led him to kill a pedestrian, enter a gas station to kill a customer, and kill a man attempting to subdue him. He also shot at passing vehicles, though no injuries or deaths were reported. He entered into a shoot-out with sheriffs leading to his own death, likely from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The victims were:
Lisa White McLendon, 52, Michael McLendon’s mother
James Alford White, 55, McLendon’s uncle
Tracy Michelle Wise, 34, daughter of James White
Dean James Wise, 15, son of Tracy Wise
Virginia E. White, 74, McLendon’s grandmother
Andrea Dawn Myers, 31
Corrine Gracy Myers, 18 months, daughter of Andrea Myers
James Irvin Starling, 24
Sonya Lolley Smith, 43
Bruce Wilson Maloy, 51

Surviving victims included the 4-month-old daughter of Andrea Myers.

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